tell a story for a chance to reach new york

Here's a competition you may want to get involved with if you fancy a trip to New York. Fancy giving a behind-the-scenes glimpse?

by Sarah Kemp

“How many are we on now?” I hear from across the way. This is a question I’m fast becoming used to hearing. You see, excitement is high as we have just launched our very first social engagement campaign where we are offering a grand prize of a three night trip to New York and we’re keeping our beady eyes on the number of registrations received since the launch. And we’re not doing too badly. Within a few days we have broken the 100 mark and the number keeps rising.

As an international media intelligence company, we are constantly connecting PR and Marketing professionals with the people they need across social and mainstream media. We wanted to create a fun and exciting campaign, which will allow contestants to show themselves as thought leaders within the industry, whilst showing everyone a bit of behind the scenes action along the way.

The summer months were spent brainstorming ideas for our #ThinkGorkana challenge and we are asking people to use their various social media channels (whether that be blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube etc...) to create content and devise interesting angles around four key themes:

  • ·         Behind the scenes
  • ·         A day in the life
  • ·         Changing media
  • ·         Staying connected

And what’s great about the challenge is that there is no right or wrong answer so contestants can be as creative as they like. All we ask is that the #ThinkGorkana hashtag is included in all posts as we are using Gorkana Radar, our real-time social media monitoring and analysis tool, to monitor all content. The person with the most engagement at the end of the challenge will win the trip to New York and all content will be analysed by our team of expert analysts.

We are promoting the #ThinkGorkana challenge in various ways. We have used our own social channels (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn) and our journalist and blogger database to target specific outlets, as well as promoting the competition at our Breakfast Briefing events and on our blog. By the end of last week content started come through thick and fast and we have really enjoyed seeing life behind the scenes of busy PR and Marketing professionals. We’ll be writing a weekly blog post to show our top picks and we kicked off on Friday with some great content from RNIB_Read and Captive_Minds.

Do you want to win a trip to New York? Do you have any ideas surrounding our four themes? We’d love to hear from you and follow your journey through the #ThinkGorkana challenge. Simply register and download the brief here.

Sarah Kemp is pr and social engagement manager at Gorkana.


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