internal communicators: here’s your guide to employee engagement, zombie style


by Caroline Roodhouse

There’s been some spine tingly spooky goings-on down at Alive HQ as we’ve gathered together the latest stats, advice and best practice on all things employee engagement, and put it all together in this up-to-the-minute zombie tribute.

Peculiar irregularities…

According to widespread survey results across a stack of organisations, employee engagement rates are regularly coming in at 70% and above. That’s not to be sniffed at. BUT, the CIPD 2015 Employee Outlook Survey indicated that the employee engagement index within the UK is at just 39%. That’s quite a disparity. So what’s the score? Can we rely on survey results alone? The smart organisations are exploring alternative metrics, examining other areas of the business and considering the potential pitfalls when it comes to engagement surveys. And they’re well aware of what’s causing the problems too.

BEAT THE ZOMBIES guide to Employee Engagement

You can now download SEASON TWO of our BEAT THE ZOMBIES guide for internal communicators and discover fresh facts, new data, the latest trends and bloodcurdling research from the industry’s finest zombie slayers.

Zombies are employees who don’t feel engaged or connected to the business. It’s a good idea to do your research and find out all you can to avoid a potential outbreak in your organisation. Many smart communicators are bravely taking on the challenge.


  • The cold hard facts - latest stats on employee engagement
  • What’s affecting engagement in the UK today
  • How to identify the zombies in your business
  • What other organisations are doing to tackle the zombie epidemic
  • Advice from the experts
  • How to stay ALIVE during a zombie outbreak

Of those organisations who are taking definitive action:

70% are working on communications effectiveness and

74% are focusing on leadership behaviours

Discover more fresh facts and bloodcurdling research all about the subject of employee engagement, zombie style. 

You can download it here today

Caroline Roodhouse is Content Creator at Alive With Ideas

image by Alive With Ideas