so what makes you the right person for the job?

One of our key reasons for setting up comms2point back in the day was to share and to encourage sharing across comms and digital folk. And we said that the ultimate outcome for us would be to help someone find a job no matter how small that bit of help might have been. Well what do you know...

by Ant Gale

I’m trying to remember how I first came across comms2point0. I think it was a random retweet I scrolled across during a work break.

Little bit of back-story on me – I had been working at Sainsbury’s since graduating with a Media Technology degree in 2012 (shout out De Montfort University) and I was doing one day a week work experience at Staffordshire County Council.

Unfortunately I can’t remember who that retweet was from but I’m going on record right now to say “thank you” to them, as when I applied for a full time post at Stafford Borough Council last summer and the job and person specification read…

‘To develop, monitor, and evaluate the role of social media to support the whole council as part of a ‘One Team’ approach’ and ‘Must be extremely social media savvy.’

….comms2point0 was the first place I turned.

I soaked up ideas, platforms and knowledge from experienced comms people to give me plenty to talk about when it came to the interview.

The interview. Let’s talk about that then. Safe to say, not exactly a strong point of mine.

Will (Conaghan – the Press and Comms Manager) didn’t even pretend to look interested as I waffled on about my uni experience.

But he perked up when I referenced comms2point0 and how I was using it to keep up with developments in the digital comms world.

I was invited back for a second interview after which he offered me the job - and I know my knowledge of comms2point0 played a major factor in landing it.  

Will reminds me at least once a month how crap my first interview was - pretty sure he has set it as the standard to measure all other bad interviews by. So obviously comms2point0 will even trump a “Gale” interview.

So again, thanks to the tweeter and thanks to comms2point0. Don’t be expecting a finder’s fee out of Will anytime soon though.

Ant Gale is Communications Officer at Stafford Borough Council

pic via Wikikmedia Commons


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