housing magazines – do they have a future?

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Budget cuts continue to hit all parts of the public sector. The communications industry has responded and has worked with these cuts for years now. This new survey puts a spotlight on the future of the magazines created for housing customers.

by Ade Capon

Similar to councils, the housing sector is now facing a tsunami of government policy decisions. From welfare changes like Universal Credit to the one per cent rent reduction, many will have an impact on the financial bottom line.

Housing has to adapt to these changes to survive.

All activities and spending like communications need to demonstrate value for money and return on investment.

In the firing line are potentially new and more efficient ways of doing things, like digital publications.

So what of our #customermags – do they have a future?

Please take a few minutes to answer some questions to help with the debate here.

Survey closes 20 February 2016 - we’ll share the results on comms2point0

Ade Capon works in the Yorkshire Housing communications team.

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