housing magazines – do they have a future?

Budget cuts continue to hit all parts of the public sector. The communications industry has responded and has worked with these cuts for years now. This new survey puts a spotlight on the future of the magazines created for housing customers.

by Ade Capon

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how we communicated the homes for britain campaign rally

The Homes for Britain campaign held the biggest housing rally ever in the heart of Westminster to get the housing crisis firmly onto the general election radar – and on the national news agenda. What's the comms story?

By Anne Arnold

It used to irritate me that the housing crisis wasn’t in the news more. House prices sure, but not the housing crisis. That sinking feeling when you realise you’ll never be able to afford to buy near your family, not now, not ever.

Couples delaying having babies because they’re forking out half of their wages to live in a flat the size of a shoe box, graduates bunked up back in their childhood bedrooms, people having to move further and further out of the cities and towns where the jobs are, commuting for hours each day to get to work.

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