NEW: comms2point0 skills workshop: essential media law for social media and communications

If you work in comms, PR, HR and legal you need to know there are new media laws which will affect how you do your job. That's why we are staging a new workshop with acclaimed media law expert David Banks.

by Dan Slee

It seems that every aspect of society is being disrupted by the internet and other changes and the field of media law is no exception.

A raft of changes are in the offing and we thought it would be a bright idea to offer you a workshop with one of the brightest brains in the field to help you make sense of them.

David Banks is a highly experienced figure in the arena of media law. He has co-authored recent editions of McNae's Essential Law for Journalists, he trains national newspaper groups and has worked extensively in local government and the public sector. In short, he is the 'go-to' man in the UK in the field.

We'd love to see you there. Our previous workshops have sold out and we expect the same for David's session so do be quick. 

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media law changes comms people need to know

Do you have a battered copy of McNae's Essential Law for Journalists on your desk? Many public relations people do. Thing is after a busy few weeks much of it is obsolete. In this post a media law expert runs comms people through some of the key headlines they need to know.

By David Banks

During the past week a significant shift happened in the lives of journalists in the UK.

The Defamation Bill finally passed, and when give the Royal Assent and fully implemented it will make a huge difference to anyone publishing here because of one key clause.

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