up for the cup: november's top posts

It's that time again when we award the prestigious, shiny £1 comms2point0 cup for the month's most read post. It was a close, close call this month. But a winner we have...

by Darren Caveney

November saw in our landmark 200th post as well as some brilliant case studies on everything from social media best practice, strategic communications, industry surveys, life as a press officer and a whole lot more. But the most read posts came from the archive and one in particular holds a special place.

In at number one...

I'm delighted to say that last month's top post was a Google+ case study, which is a really interesting development. Thanks to Shane Dillon for teaching many of us a thing or two about this platform.


A welcome return to the hit parade for the ever brilliant Helen Reynolds with What if?, a tale of Monmouthshire County Council's social media journey.

And then we have a tasty trio of Facebook posts in at three, four and five...


In at three we have the excellent Matt Murray's, Facebook pages - the pool party's over, where Matt questions some recent changes by the goliath social media platform.


The talented, late Dan Harris's post Facebook: Don't go for the big numbers, go for the right numbers is special for obvious reasons. We left it on the site as we felt it would be what Dan would want.

And our fifth most read post...

Facebook: Pointless for Councils? by Julie Waddicor sparked plenty of debate amongst the pro and anti Facebook camps.

A big, big thank you to you all.

Darren Caveney is co-creator of comms2point0 and Vice Chair of LGcomms

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photo by me

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