video for comms is now way beyond youtube

More than 70 per cent of the internet is predicted to be video by 2017. If you are a comms person it's a challenge you need toio have an answer to.

by Albert Freeman

Online video is becoming more important all the time. There are an exciting and growing number of ways that we as organisations can use it, and ways that people can use it to engage with organisations.

Video is now big news on Facebook

In no time at all video has become huge on Facebook. Organisations need to adapt and take advantage of this. It is no longer enough to simply publish your video on YouTube, and share the YouTube link on Facebook.

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up for the cup: november's top posts

It's that time again when we award the prestigious, shiny £1 comms2point0 cup for the month's most read post. It was a close, close call this month. But a winner we have...

by Darren Caveney

November saw in our landmark 200th post as well as some brilliant case studies on everything from social media best practice, strategic communications, industry surveys, life as a press officer and a whole lot more. But the most read posts came from the archive and one in particular holds a special place.

In at number one...

I'm delighted to say that last month's top post was a Google+ case study, which is a really interesting development. Thanks to Shane Dillon for teaching many of us a thing or two about this platform.

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public sector comms is at a cross-roads

Scotland has a vibrant public sector digital community. The night before the excellent Public Sector Forums Comms2point0 event (disclaimer: we're biased) there's an informal event to discuss the future of digital comms in local goverment. The #tartantm event organised by Carolyne Mitchell of South Lanarkshire Council aims to bring people together across Scotland - and further afield online - on Wednesday June 20. In this blog first posted here Carolyne talks about the reasons behind it.

By Carolyne Mitchell

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good, bad and cake: a social media campaign to celebrate landmark birthday

by Kate Bentham


At the beginning of May 2012 the FIS ran a weeklong multi-platform social media campaign called #WeAre12 to commemorate 12 years since the service was first launched.


It was hoped that #WeAre12 would:

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'this, children, is how people did protests before facebook'


by Dan Slee

Just recently my Dad moved from the family home after a quarter of a century living in the same place.

Before moved he handed over a treasure trove bin liner of things from my childhood from cycling proficiency certificates, school reports and Subbutteo figures.

Tucked in amongst the haul was two copies of the first newspaper I worked at as an NCTJ-qualified journalist in the mid-1990s.

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