e-book: what are the priorities of uk comms people?

What are the priorities for UK communicators? The good people at GovDelivery have looked and the results are in.

by Dave Worsell

As many of us are seeing, a public organisation’s ability to effectively engage with citizens and then motivate them to take action is playing an increasingly important role in achieving overall mission results.

Whether an organisation’s goal is to increase participation at community events, decrease the number of calls about bin pick-ups, or drive the public to use digital services, communication and citizen engagement is critical to achieving that goal.  

With this heightened focus as the backdrop, we surveyed nearly 100 public sector communicators across the U.K. about their top communication priorities for 2014.  

Guided by insight from GovDelivery’s work with more than 1,000 public sector organisations worldwide, the resulting report reviews and provides analysis on the top communication priorities trending in government for the coming year.  The results show that three priorities consistently topped 2014 communicator “to do” lists:

  • focusing on results
  • looking at multichannel approaches
  • increasing outreach

Detailed in a new e-book and infographic the report shows that 44% of respondents indicated that boosting engagement was their most important digital communication priority, and a majority said that growing their digital audience was also important to their organisations.

Many innovative public sector organisations are already using digital technology to connect with more people and then leverage those connections to drive action and increase public engagement by delivering relevant messages where and when they are most effective. With the challenges facing government communicators, focusing on digital outreach and public engagement allows them to help meet channel shift initiatives and ultimately drive mission success.

Readers can discover how their communication priorities for 2014 trend against peers in the public sector and get ideas for planning and delivering more successful digital communications this year. For complimentary access to both the e-book and infographics, visit http://direct.govdelivery.com/2014-trends-uk-pr.

David Worsell is Director of Government Solutions at GovDelivery Europe, a division of the world’s leading provider of cloud-based public sector communication solutions.

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