survey results: your dull intranet is failing you

We carried out a survey on intranets with digital collaboration platform and social intranet provider Knowledge Hub. The findings are surprising and should alarm internal comms and those at the top of every organisation. People in 2015 want something different to what they are getting.

by Dan Slee

Too dull, too corporate and too uncollaborative… today’s intranet is too often failing today’s employees.

That’s the message from the comms2point0 / Knowledge Hub survey of almost 80 communications and PR workers.

Yet, the silver lining of the study is that employees are still crying out for a space that helps them work, collaborate and do their job more effectively. It’s just that many don’t have that.

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our survey said: ‘almost half comms people don’t switch off on holiday.’

That week in the sun. That stretch in the tent. It’s supposed to be downtime from the busy day job. We thought we’d stage a survey just to see how many people really do disconnect.

By Dan Slee

If you are on the beach checking your work emails the chances are you are not alone.

In fact, for comms, digital or PR people the out-of-office doesn’t mean out-of-range.

We thought we'd stage a quick snap unscientific survey to test out the theory and see how many people would admit to working while not working.

In our survey a whopping 45 per cent of people said the checked work emails, phone messages or did work.

Worst offenders were those who checked their work mobile several times a day – 22 per cent put their hand up to this.

Survey answers

Switch off entired 56 per cent

Take my work laptop on holiday - use once a day - 11 per cent

Take my work laptop on holiday - use once a week - 3 per cent

Take my work laptop on holiday - use several times a day 3 per cent

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survey: how good and bad is your intranet?

How many times have you heard it? 'Our intranet?' the voice goes. 'It's rubbish. You can't find anything on it and there'a no social space to collaborate.' But just how good and bad are intranets? We've launched a new suurvey with our friends at Knowledge Hub. We need to fix it. But we need to know the size of the task.

by Dan Slee

Too stuffed with out-of-date information and too hard to find the things you really want.

The bad intranet serves as an albatross around the neck of the organisation. ‘We say we think staff are our greatest asset,’ it appears to say. ‘But we don’t really mean it.’

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survey: creative comms is alive

Can you help? Would you like to win a free afternoon of brainstorming thanks to a creative agency? You would? Brilliant! Have a read of this and fill in the survey.  

by Alan Oram

We’ve got a cunning plan. We’re creating a valuable, practical tool to help internal comms folk find smart and effective ways to get organisations across the land working more creatively by sharing top tips, key trends, practical advice and cracking ideas… And we’d like a little help from our friends to cross the finish line.

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e-book: what are the priorities of uk comms people?

What are the priorities for UK communicators? The good people at GovDelivery have looked and the results are in.

by Dave Worsell

As many of us are seeing, a public organisation’s ability to effectively engage with citizens and then motivate them to take action is playing an increasingly important role in achieving overall mission results.

Whether an organisation’s goal is to increase participation at community events, decrease the number of calls about bin pick-ups, or drive the public to use digital services, communication and citizen engagement is critical to achieving that goal.

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up for the cup - december's top posts

December was a busy month on comms2point0. Therre were presents to open. There was cake to eat. There was a clutch of posts led by one about a rave outfit and how they did pr that captured the imagination.

by Dan Slee

Okay, I'm a bit biased but I rather like the idea - coming from Stafford - of a Stafford rave group assualting the charts 20 years on.

Altern8 on Birmingham's Network Records launched a campaign to be number one after a fan's Facebook page suggested the idea.

Run entirely on a shoestring and powered by social media Mark Archer turned things on their head by making 33 in the charts with 'Activ8'.

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