why you should go to bluelightcamp


An annual free event that has grown to be an essential event for public sector comms people who may be involved with emergencies of any description.

by Ben Proctor 

comms2point0 sits at the heart of a fantastic community of people who want to make communications better, want to innovate with digital tools and want to drive change in organisations, especially public sector organisations.

We need that community to turn that energy and focus to emergency situations. Organisations are already doing great work to communicate with the public in emergencies but we can do more and one thing we know is: emergencies are always different.

BlueLightCamp is in its fourth year. It’s a unique mix of people on the frontline in emergency and other public services, emergency planning professionals, communications professionals, volunteers, developers, and data people. We can only get these people together for two days a year.

If you’re reading this blog we really think you should be with them.

If you work in a communications role for a police service or a PCC, for a fire and rescue service or an ambulance service, or in any other branch of the NHS, in a local authority, or in any other category one responder (Porth Health Authority, NRW, Environment Agency etc…) BlueLightCamp needs you.

If you are a volunteer involved with emergency services or in supporting people in emergencies, BlueLightCamp needs you.

If you care about the future of your emergency services and want to take practical steps to make something different happen, BlueLightCamp needs you.

We need enthusiasts, communicators, listeners, talkers, blue-sky thinkers and practical implementers, geeks and technophobes, front-line and back-office, volunteers and paid staff.

We need you all. In Birmingham 6 & 7 June 2015. Tickets which are free are here: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/bluelightcamp-2015-tickets-16357172744

Ben Proctor is managing director of the Likeaword Consultancy.

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