why you should go to bluelightcamp


An annual free event that has grown to be an essential event for public sector comms people who may be involved with emergencies of any description.

by Ben Proctor 

comms2point0 sits at the heart of a fantastic community of people who want to make communications better, want to innovate with digital tools and want to drive change in organisations, especially public sector organisations.

We need that community to turn that energy and focus to emergency situations. Organisations are already doing great work to communicate with the public in emergencies but we can do more and one thing we know is: emergencies are always different.

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january sale: slashing creative comms costs

January can be such a long month. You may have been paid early in December. You may still be waiting to get paid for January. But it needn't all be bleak. And not being flush needn't be a block to creativity. Far from it. 

by Caroline Roodhouse

Being paid early in December is great isn’t it?

It’s less great when you reach around about now. It’s late January, it’s been nearly a month, we spent a fortune on Christmas and for some people it’s still a few days until payday.

Managing budgets is a way of life at home - just as it is at work too.

As enthusiastic communicators who want to do the very best in our roles at all times, a lack of resources can be pretty frustrating. When the pressure’s on to find exciting, cutting edge ways to get our messages across, encouraging, inspiring and influencing our colleagues to ensure business objectives are delivered, the Finance Gods say ‘no chance’.

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