internal communications – it’s not rocket science

Internal comms can often be the Cinderella channel. But to get things right outside you need to get things right inside.

by Hannah Rees

When Cornwall Council was first formed three years ago, there were no real internal communications channels to speak of. An organisation going through major change, with seven councils merging, a total of 22,000 employees and a huge geographical spread, it needed some serious TLC.

We had several failing services, financial problems, a new Chief Executive, 123 new elected Members, a new political hue, Leader and Cabinet and a very strong new approach to our direction of travel.

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film is often the forgotten medium

by Hannah Rees & Matt Bond

Film can often be the forgotten tool. Considered by many as too expensive, too technical and too time consuming.

At Cornwall Council, we started to embrace the medium around five years ago and put some communications resource behind it.  We were right to do so and it continues to be an integral part of our communications mix.

My role as Communications Specialist now deals with film as part of a total social media and digital communications toolset, and works in tangent with our design team.

Film is a proven medium and has seen a surge in popularity in recent times for both internal and external communications.

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