why video is important to comms and pr

Video is becoming a skill that comms people can no longer ignore. To mark the launch of our new round of viodeo workshops we've set out some of the reasons we think that video will impact on your world.

by Dan Slee

For a few months now I’ve been convinced that video is going to be absolutely essential for communications and PR people.

Throw a stone, it seems, and you come across forecasts, trends and predictions. Put them together and you create a powerful argument for video.

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film is often the forgotten medium

by Hannah Rees & Matt Bond

Film can often be the forgotten tool. Considered by many as too expensive, too technical and too time consuming.

At Cornwall Council, we started to embrace the medium around five years ago and put some communications resource behind it.  We were right to do so and it continues to be an integral part of our communications mix.

My role as Communications Specialist now deals with film as part of a total social media and digital communications toolset, and works in tangent with our design team.

Film is a proven medium and has seen a surge in popularity in recent times for both internal and external communications.

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