10 predictions for local government communications

New Year. It acts like a blank page and a line under what went before. It's time to take stock and see what is down the track. Here's what 2014 could look like...

by Dan Slee

“I’d rather not predict,” US Democratic strategist James Carville once said, “I’d rather affect.”

Seeing as the only thing I’m affecting between Christmas and New Year is a large cake tin and a box of celebrations I’ll be ignoring the man who helped put Clinton in the White House.

But first here’s a few things I predicted 2013 would have in store for us in my corner of local government communications on my own blog in 2012.

For those who'd like to point and laugh here is my 2011 predictions too for 2012

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digital communicators: we are the change agents

Digital comms has a perfect way that it can demonstrate it's worth. They can help tranform services. That's a bit exciting.

by Kathy Kyle

Among the many topics discussed at this year’s Communications Camp (@commscamp | #commscamp13), the one that resonated most with me was how to best demonstrate the value of digital communications. If we can’t measure our impact as communicators, how can we influence and transform our organisations?

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public sector comms is at a cross-roads

Scotland has a vibrant public sector digital community. The night before the excellent Public Sector Forums Comms2point0 event (disclaimer: we're biased) there's an informal event to discuss the future of digital comms in local goverment. The #tartantm event organised by Carolyne Mitchell of South Lanarkshire Council aims to bring people together across Scotland - and further afield online - on Wednesday June 20. In this blog first posted here Carolyne talks about the reasons behind it.

By Carolyne Mitchell

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