40 skills you'll need in your 2020 comms team today

What a comms team should look like has been one of the things we've been bothered about for longest at comms2point0. We've written about it in the past. This is an updated look.

by Dan Slee

So what occupies the mind of the most successful Olympic coach Britain has ever had? You’ll find the answer surprising.

It’s not next week, the next Tour de France or who will be in the squad for Rio that occupies cycling’s Dave Brailsford. It’s what his best team will be in five years time.

“I find that once you’ve done that,” he told the BBC, “you can work backwards to work out a way to get to where you want to be.”

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post-its and death, tax discs and behavioural science: how #commsforchange14 made me a better comms person

#CommsForChange14 was created to be a leading event for communications professionals dealing with change in the public sector today.  But how did it pan out as a learning experience?

By Darren Caveney

We are often told that change is the new constant. But I have been communicating change ever since I entered the industry about a hundred years ago. You’ll be exactly the same. Change isn’t new and neither is communicating it.

So, we should be really good at it by now? Err, actually, not necessarily so.

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#commsforchange14: in doodles

We staged the #commsforchange14 event in Birmingham last week. There was a lorry load of learning. Here's a few thoughts and a few doodles.

by Dan Slee with doodle from Karen Jeal

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we think that worked alright, didn't it?

Our first #commsforchange14 event was staged in Birmingham last week and was by all accounts quite a success.

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16 gems to help you start to understand internal comms

Internal comms can often be the Cinderella part of PR and communications. It's often undervalued. But big schemes that need to be communicated well need to start with engaged and informed staff. There's a report that has stood the test of time is a good place to help start your understanding. 

by Dan Slee

Here’s a confession. It wasn’t until long into my career in communications that I realised the value of internal comms.

I used to stupidly think internal comms person was when you failed at being a press officer. There I’ve said it.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

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digital communicators: we are the change agents

Digital comms has a perfect way that it can demonstrate it's worth. They can help tranform services. That's a bit exciting.

by Kathy Kyle

Among the many topics discussed at this year’s Communications Camp (@commscamp | #commscamp13), the one that resonated most with me was how to best demonstrate the value of digital communications. If we can’t measure our impact as communicators, how can we influence and transform our organisations?

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