your website... who cares?

The Likeaword Consultancy report into council websites throws up some fascinating data. You can learn more in SOCITM's revamped Better Connected website which you can look at council websites authority-by-authority.

 by Vicky Sargent

According very recent data collected and published by the Likeaword consultancy, there were 658,544,076 visits to local government websites in Great Britain in the year to 31 July 2015.

That’s 10.5 visits for every woman, man and child in our population, and by any measure a lot of people ‘visiting the council’ and forming opinions about it, through the website.

Do those running local authorities care enough about the sort of experience these huge numbers of visitors are having? Do they appreciate the sheer numbers involved? Or the pressing need to getting even more people doing their council stuff online?

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big numbers on council websites: a guide for comms folk

A major piece of insight on council websites has been published by Ben Proctor of the Likeaword Consultancy. The numbers are impressive... more than 10 visits for every man, woman and child in the UK. But what do they mean for local government comms people? Isn't that just the web teams job? Actually, no. We asked Ben to interpret.

by Ben Proctor 

The report in question which you can read here is an analysis of some key data points about visits to local authority websites in Great Britain. I asked every council for a small number of figures about visits to their websites and drawn some conclusions as a result.

It’s not all about the websites (except it is)

I am very aware that comms these days isn’t about getting hits on your website. It’s about digital engagement, community development, Instagram and SnapChat.

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