why pitching well to journalists still works

It's often the most badly handled part of PR. The phone call to sell-in a story to a journalist. Done badly it ends with the phone slammed down. Done well and it can help you hit the bullseye. Here are some thoughts from a master of the craft.  

 by Russ Cockburn

Call me old fashioned, but I still love the cut and thrust of the ‘pitch’ to journalists.

Admittedly, I seem to be a rather shrinking breed if recent articles and twitter conjecture is anything to go by.

And I know from experience, a lot of younger PRs view picking up the phone as appealing a prospect as relying on a London Midland train to get you to your appointment on time.

Don’t get me wrong I can understand the apprehension. I’ve been given many a ‘short shrift’ by experienced hacks, been embroiled in heated exchanges when an embargo has been broken and been left exasperated at the choice of photo the picture editor chose to be a bit ‘different’.

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28 survival tips for a bad day and only one of them is booze

We've all been there. A shocking boss. A hopeless client. A journalist that gets the facts round their ear. It's the easiest thing in the world to have a bad day. But how to cope. One evening on Twitter we asked the questions and collected some interesting responses.

by Dan Slee 

You've had a shocker. Your boss is an idiot, your colleagues are numpties the person who you are working for don't get what you do. It's been a bad day at the office. Literally.

So, how do you cope? What do you do? How do you get over this hill without dragging everyone else in your life with you?

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three effective rules for good posters

Posters. The drift to digital is strong but they still have a place in the comms armoury. They can be as powerful or as weak as you design them. But what do good ones look like?  

by Susan Neal

Many hours have been wasted by me and my former Council communications colleagues in trying to convince services about the best way of getting their message across. 

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