notwestminster 2016: a rock n' roll democracy event

Good communications is all well and good but how about improving the thing? An event in Yorkshire aims to improve how democracry is done and it's of interest to anyone in or around local government.

by Dave McKenna

While controversial council decisions make their way easily onto the news agenda the day to day of council decision making remains invisible to most people. 

Take Council meetings for example. While millions engage with the x factor and strictly hardly anyone is interested in what’s happening in their own town halls.  The problem is not the comms but the product.  So how can we bring council business out of the 1930s and blinking into the sunlight of the mass media age?

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from mena with love

I was hugely privileged to be able to chair and facilitate #MENAcomms14 with Dan Slee recently, on behalf of the Foreign Office, having been approached to get involved in their annual get-together of Middle East and North African comms and digital people.

By Darren Caveney

The event, which took place in beautiful Amman, was a real eye-opener - stimulating and fascinating in equal measure

I left MENAcomms14 with huge respect for our Foreign and Commonwealth Office colleagues for the work they deliver and the manner in which they tackle some of the biggest issues on the planet.

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7 things I learned at the big yak

The Big Yak was an internal comms unconference staged by the IC Crowd who are lovely people. In this post, here's what one person learned and seven take-homes...

GUEST EDITOR by Corrinne Douglas

I set off for London and The Big Yak, an internal communications unconference with a mixture of excitement and a bit of apprehension. Over 100 comms pro’s coming together to discuss internal communications, most of them having never been to an unconference before, would we have enough to yak about?

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winds of change …

by Darren Caveney

I’ve been lucky enough to attend and participate in a couple of excellent events this past week or so.  The first UKGovCamp in London and the second an LGComms seminar on social media in Cardiff.

A key theme running through both events was that of the shifting nature of the communications landscape, and the differing ways in which organisations are reacting and redifining activity.   The sands are certainly shifting at speed for some, for others they're moving at a far gentler pace.

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