cherish the things you love for one day they will be gone

There’s a certain age and point in your life when you begin to reflect on things that little bit more than you did in your care-free twenties…

By Darren Caveney

I’ve reached that point.


These reflections include work life and personal life and that’s a good and natural thing. Questioning what you’ve achieved and delving a little deeper into what you really want to do with the rest of your life.

And events which occur in our personal lives add to this and can't help but remind you that nothing lasts forever.

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we need to lead change - a discussion paper on the future of fire comms

We know the landscape is changing. In this bold discussion paper one senior fire communications sets out his personal thoughts over how comms people in the sector should lead a revolution. First published here in it there is food for thought for the rest of the public sector. 

by Steve Chu

Today I’m publishing a discussion paper on the future of corporate communications in the English Fire and Rescue Service (FRS). I’m saying we need to achieve more with less. I’m saying that we need to find a more efficient model than the historic structure of over 40 press offices at individual FRS level. I’m saying that, as communicators, we need to prove our worth to the FRS beyond doubt. I’m saying that we, and the Service need to clearly set out what we should be aiming to achieve, and how that should be evaluated.

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winds of change …

by Darren Caveney

I’ve been lucky enough to attend and participate in a couple of excellent events this past week or so.  The first UKGovCamp in London and the second an LGComms seminar on social media in Cardiff.

A key theme running through both events was that of the shifting nature of the communications landscape, and the differing ways in which organisations are reacting and redifining activity.   The sands are certainly shifting at speed for some, for others they're moving at a far gentler pace.

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